Medical Charity Gets New Name.

Magpas, the emergency medical charity that puts doctors and paramedics on the Air Ambulance and the Police helicopter will be known as Helimedix 24/7 from now on.

They say the re-brand will make fund-raising much easier as the new name makes it much clearer what they do. They need half a million pounds to keep going for the rest of this year and eventually aim to raise 750 thousand pounds a year... to allow them to operate 24 hours a day instead of the current 18.

Charity Manager Daryl Brown says they won't spend massive amounts of cash on buying new kit straight away.

"The new logo will reflect the old one, it's really just a name change at the top. It's going to be a gradual process and we really won't spend big money on doing it all at a moment's notice."


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