New NHS Number In Lincs

22 November 2010, 06:00

There is a new number to call for Lincolnshire residents to call when they need medical attention, but it's not an emergency.

It means people living in places like Stamford, Bourne and Spalding can now call 111 for medical advice and information.

However people who need emergency care should still dial 999.

The new service has been set up because the NHS believes people often find it confusing who to call for help in non-emergency situations.

It's also helped the new number will reduce the number of people who dial 999 but don't actually need emergency care.

If the scheme works, it could be rolled out elsewhere.

John McIvor, Chief Executive of NHS Lincolnshire said: "To improve health services we need to make it easier for people to receive the right care, quickly and efficiently.

The new 111 service aims to allocate the most appropriate treatment, depending on the patients needs, whilst reducing any unnecessary pressure on A&E and emergency services."