Peterborough: Bank Holiday Care Tent

24 August 2013, 07:53 | Updated: 24 August 2013, 07:59

Glasses of Wine

A Cambridgeshire Police care tent is being set up in Peterborough tonight (Saturday) to ease the pressure on the City Hospital's Accident and Emergency department.

The tent, staffed by officers and nurses from Accident and Emergency, is part of a pilot scheme being run by Cambridgeshire Police.

It is being set up to act as a refuge from people who have had too much to drink.

It's hoped it will reduce the number of alcohol-related admissions to the Accident and Emergency department at Peterborough City Hospital.

It will be at Laxton Square from 10pm.

There will also be a mobile police van parked nearby to try and prevent any anti-social behaviour, disorder or crime.

Sergeant Jo Reeves said: "We have run the care tent over the Christmas and New Year period for the past three years and it's been a great success but this is the first time in the summer in Peterborough.

The aim of the care tent is to reduce alcohol-related violent crime, improve public safety and reduce the pressure on A&E at Peterborough City Hospital and other emergency services.

We chose Saturday because it is a bank holiday weekend and the final night of Peterborough Beer Festival so is likely to be a busy time for the emergency services.

The tent will provide a visible police presence as well as a safe haven for those who may have over indulged or be having other difficulties."

If the pilot is a success, Cambridgeshire Police say the tent could be used more regularly.