Peterborough: Budget 2012/2013

23 February 2012, 10:25 | Updated: 23 February 2012, 10:40

Peterborough City Council has approved a package of investments and savings at its annual budget setting meeting.

The main points are as follows...

* 2.95% increase in council tax (approximately £32 extra per year for the average band D household). 

* £73 million for Peterborough schools. 

* £10 million for adult social care.

* £16 million towards affordable housing in the next 5 years.

* £5.5 million for transport infrastructure.

* A series of investments in renewable energy and events including the Olympic Torch relay and Diamond jubilee celebrations.

Councillor Seaton told councillors at the meeting:

“Here in Peterborough we remain committed to creating a vibrant, growing city which is better for everyone. We are a medium sized authority that punches above its weight with low tax and efficient services."

"Whilst other councils have closed libraries, we have kept them open."

“Whilst they have increased the levels for their elderly and disabled to access adult social care, we have maintained ours."

“Whilst they have stopped improving schools, we are still investing in our children."

“Whilst they have given up on their youth, we are still working to provide jobs and apprenticeships."

“Whilst they have pulled up the drawbridge we are still planning for regeneration, growth and jobs.”