Peterborough: Burglars Sentenced

12 April 2013, 09:24 | Updated: 12 April 2013, 10:07

Two men have been sentenced for ransacking a house in Peterborough in March.

Felix Rooney (pictured), 21, and Joseph Teelan, 34, broke into a property in Sudbury Court, Stanground, Peterborough, at about 10.45am on March 5th 2013.

They got in through a kitchen window and ransacked the property, emptying drawers and wardrobes and stealing jewellery.

However, thanks to the neighbour, police had already been called and, when they arrived, officers saw both men near the crime scene.

Teelan, of Claremont Court, Blackpool, surrendered but Rooney ran off, climbing over fences and through gardens.

Teelan had jewellery on him and admitted to throwing away some rings that were later found. When Rooney was caught he also had jewellery on him.

Both men were sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court on Wednesday (April 10th).

Rooney had initially denied the offence but later pleaded guilty to burglary, for which he received three-and-a-half years in prison, and to unlawful discharge, for which he received a six month sentence, making the total sentence four years.

The unlawful discharge referred to an incident on December 26 last year when Rooney, who has several previous convictions for burglary, absconded from HMP Hollesley Bay, in Suffolk.

Teelan also admitted burglary and was given a 36-week sentence suspended for two years and a £180 fine. Teelan had no previous convictions for burglary or other serious crimes.

DC Tom Rowe, who investigated, said: "Thanks to the actions of the neighbour we were able to catch Teelan and Rooney at the scene with stolen items on them."

"They ransacked the house and then attempted to evade detection by cleaning away evidence from their point of entry with cleaning material from the property."

"Burglary has a significant impact on victims and we will continue arresting offenders and putting them before the courts".