Peterborough: Chemicals In River

20 June 2012, 16:33 | Updated: 20 June 2012, 16:41

Cambridgeshire Police and the Environment Agency are investigating how 5,000 litres of toxic chemicals were spilt into the River Nene in Peterborough.

The chemicals, identified by the Environment Agency as pesticides, leaked into the river in the Orton Southgate area of Peterborough at the weekend.

Around 4,000 fish in the River Nene have been killed as a result of the pollution.

The Environment Agency is advising people to stay away from the River Nene, as the chemicals could cause irritation.

However the Agency says pollution levels are declining.

"We are no longer seeing fish struggling in the water and believe the worst to have passed but we are staying alert and continuing to monitor throughout the week and weekend." said Norman Robinson from the Agency.

Now the Agency is waiting for results of water tests to confirm the danger has passed before giving the all clear to water users.

Cambridgeshire Police are working with the Agency to establish how the chemicals came to be in the water.

Mr Robinson added: "We have been unable to save some fish and our biological surveys have shown there is likely to be a long-term impact on the flora and fauna of the river.

The exact effect is not yet known."