Peterborough: James Bond Train

18 February 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 18 February 2013, 09:20

To mark Britain's most successful film ever, train operator East Coast has repainted an entire train with a Skyfall livery.

The train could soon be passing through Peterborough, as it will be in use on the London King's Cross to Edinburgh line that passes through the city.

The film, which features Adele signing the main theme, is the UK's highest ever grossing film at the box-office.

Naomie Harris at 007 platform Kings Cross

The actress who plays Miss Moneypenny, Naomie Harris, has unveiled train - number 91007 - as "Skyfall" for Peterborough's commuters on the London to Edinburgh service.

All eleven carriages of the train aer completely wrapped in eye-catching artwork from SKYFALL, with actors and filmmakers taking its maiden journey to Scotland, alongside journalists from around the world.

East Coast Managing Director Karen Boswell told Heart: "We’re thrilled that actors, producers and writers from the most successful Bond film are joining us on-board our newly named Skyfall train. 

They will enjoy our First Class complimentary service, as they travel on one of our most popular routes from London to Edinburgh, following in the footsteps of Bond to his ancestral home in Skyfall. 

It’s really exciting to launch an East Coast train as ‘Skyfall’ and I am sure our customers will look forward to travelling on it too.”

Passengers have their first opportunity to get on-board the Skyfall train today, Monday 18th February when it is scheduled to operate the flagship four-hour "Flying Scotsman" service from Edinburgh to London, departing at 05.40. 

It will then be used on various services across the East Coast route.

Naomie Harris with 007 Train

SKYFALL itself features two classic train scenes – a thrilling chase on the Istanbul Railway in the opening sequence, along with an epic London Underground sequence in which a tube train literally goes off the rails when villain Silva (Javier Bardem) wreaks havoc in the Underground network. 

James Bond has had no shortage of train adventures on the silver screen over the past fifty years – from fight sequences in Octopussy and The Spy Who Loved Mto more recent moments in Casino Royale.

And, after having an additional platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter, Kings Cross had another showbiz platform for the launch, 007.