Peterborough Education Cuts

23 July 2010, 06:00

Teachers in Peterborough say they'll continue to fight against plans to cut the school's rebuilding programme.

Around 60-million pounds has been slashed from redeveloping schools in the city, because of the reduction in the Building Schools for the Future programme.

The city's been hit hard, after £20m promised for rebuilding Orton Longueville School has been withdrawn.

£40m was also to given to Stanground College to completely rebuild the site.

So far, there's no final decision on the £20m the new Bushfield Academy at Ortongate.

Peterborough City Council say IT equipment upgrades for secondary schools across the Local Education Authority area won't now benefit from an extra £20m.

The local rep the N.U.T, and teaches at Orton Longueville Andy Willis said: "Around 1000 teaching staff joined forces in London to make our anger known to Westminster. 

So much has already been invested in preparation for building projects that will otherwise go wasted, there has to be reconsideration".

Mr Willis added: "one of the factors of bringing people, investment and new business to a city is the standard of education of the young people coming out of school and college.

If those levels drop, it affects the future of the entire city."