Peterborough: Kate Picks Student's Shoes

8 March 2012, 14:41 | Updated: 8 March 2012, 16:36

The Duchess of Cambridge will soon be wearing shoes designed by a student from Peterborough.

As part of a royal visit to De Montford University in Leicester, the Duchess chose a pair of shoes from a selection that had been created by six students.

More than 100 students came up with designs, with six prototypes then being chosen and presented for the Duchess to choose between.

Kate picked out a blue set of heels [pictured right] designed by 20 year old Becka Hunt, who is from Peterborough and attends the university.

A pair of Becka's shoes will now be produced for The Duchess of Cambridge.

Becka was born in Peterborough and went to Matley Primary School in Orton Brimbles and then Sawtry Community College before starting a Footwear Design course at De Montford University.

Becka said: "I really just can't believe it.

I'm overwhelmed.

She came over and said she loved all the designs. 

I cannot believe I've been chosen.

The attention I have had since I was announced as the winner is all a little scary to be honest, but I have to say it has been great fun and hopefully this will be good for a future career."

Peterborough Royal Shoes

De Montfort University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard said: "What a huge honour and magnificent opportunity this is for Becka. 

It’s amazing to think that the Duchess of Cambridge – the world’s leading fashion icon – is to wear a pair of shoes designed and made here at De Montfort University.

I have congratulated all six students who came up with such spectacular designs. I am sure there will be a great future in the footwear industry for each of them."