Peterborough: Man Convicted Of Strangling Wife

27 September 2013, 13:27 | Updated: 28 September 2013, 05:28

A Peterborough man who strangled his wife has been convicted of murder.

60 year-old Michael Carroll killed his 64 year-old wife Elisabeth (pictured) at their house in Kings Road in Peterborough in May 2012.

He was called by his work on the morning of May 24, after failing to turn up, and he confessed that he had strangled her.

They called police and officers went to his home address where they discovered Elisabeth's body.

Carroll was arrested and charged with murder.

He denied the charge, pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

At Cambridge Crown Court today, he was found guilty of murder by a majority verdict today following a re-trial at Cambridge Crown Court.
A jury at the original trial earlier this year had failed to reach a verdict.
Cambridgeshire Police Detective Inspector Richard Wall told Heart: "Michael Carroll was under a lot of stress due to financial difficulties at the time, however nothing can excuse his actions in killing his loving wife, Elisabeth.

She had overcome cancer and should have been looking forward to enjoying her retirement. 

This has been an extremely difficult time for Elisabeth's family and I am pleased they now have justice."

Carroll will be sentenced at a later date.