Peterborough: Legionella Bacteria Found At School

3 September 2012, 17:31 | Updated: 3 September 2012, 18:17

The Head Teacher of a Peterborough primary school has put back the opening of their school after the discovery of a bacteria which can lead to Legionnaires disease.

Peterborough City Council - the local education authority which runs the Newark Hill Primary School has told Heart, routine monthly testing of the water systems at the school in Eastfield Road, "generated a positive result for legionella". 

A full chlorination has been carried out in the hot water systems and will continue with the cold water systems on Tuesday (4th Sept 2012). 

Chlorination kills the bacteria and makes the systems safe. However, it has been decided to delay the school opening until Monday 10th  September as a precautionary measure pending the receipt of the re-test results, which are due on Friday 7th September.

Routine tests are carried out at all schools on a monthly basis.