Peterborough PCT's Plan to Save £33m

A "Turnaround Plan" has been published as Peterborough PCT tries to pay off it's of debt. Heart takes you through the main points of how it could affect you and you can listen to what Chief Executive Sheila Bremner has to say....

The trust says it hasn't got the details worked out yet, but the plan gives us a rough idea of what changes will have to made to the way we get our health care.

It aims to save £20 million this year with nearly £13 million to pay in 2011/12.

  • Doctors contracts will be looked at
  • Local Doctors's will be asked not to refer patients to hospital, with more minor treatments taking place in GP's Surgeries.
  • Prescriptions will be looked at, with cheaper drugs used where possible.
  • Dentists will only see us every 12 months rather than every 6 months.
  • There will be a GP at A&E who can either give treatment, or send people away with advice to see their own GP.
  • The way ambulances are used will be looked at.
  • More staff will be moved into new, more efficient buildings.
  • The way nursing homes are used will be looked at, with more people in day care and staying at home.
  • Mental health services will be reformed, with more treatment in the community.
  • Maternity and Paediatrics will be looked at to make them more efficient.
  • Any empty buildings will be sold
  • Consultancy costs and expenses will be frozen
  • New vacancies will be filled by people already working for the trust.

Chief Executive Sheila Bremner has been telling Heart that front line staff would be protected where ever possible with any redundancies happening to managers. They hope to re-orgnaise and move staff around as much as possible to minimise numbers, although they do have a minimum saving on staff costs that must be met.

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