Peterborough: Purse Stealer Jailed

21 September 2013, 11:18 | Updated: 21 September 2013, 11:23

A Peterborough man who stole a purse from a pensioner who helped him after a crash has been jailed.

41 year old Darren Stephens [pictured] had knocked on the door of a home in the Dogsthorpe area of Peterborough asking for help after he was knocked off his bike on the afternoon of May 21.

The 87 year old woman inside then invited him in, gave him a glass of water and offered to call police.

However Stephens then stole her purse.

The victim realised what had happened after he had left, and called Police.

Cambridgeshire Police say Stephens' DNA was recovered from the glass he had drunk from.

Stephens, of Odecroft, Ravensthorpe, Peterborough, was arrested and initially charged with burglary. 

However he admitted theft and was jailed for 12 months at Peterborough Crown Court earlier this week (Thursday).

Detective Constable Liam Sweeney said: "Stephens took advantage of a vulnerable woman who was trying to offer him help.

It was a particularly low act and this case shows that such behaviour will not be tolerated."