Peterborough: Roads Minister Travels Notorious A47

16 September 2013, 16:08

Shailesh Vara, MP for North West Cambridgeshire has spoken with Stephen Hammond the Minister for Roads about the the dangerous part of the A47 between Wansford and the junction with the A1260 in Peterborough.

In recent weeks three people have died following accidents on this stretch of the road.

In August, two people died and three people were badly hurt in a pile-up near Wansford.

Mr Vara wrote to the Transport Secretary, the Rt Hon Patrick  McLoughlin, last week and has today spoken with Mr Hammond who has responsibility for roads.

Mr Vara made clear to Mr Hammond how dangerous the stretch of road is and urged the Minister to provide funds to make the road safer.

Speaking to Heart, Mr Vara said: "This is a dangerous stretch of road and it is important that we secure the necessary funds to make it safe. I have left the Minister in no doubt as to the state of affairs and the need for funds on this route.

The Minister expressed his condolences to the families concerned and he has assured me that he will look into the matter further. I will continue to maintain the pressure and will also be speaking with Mr McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, to ensure that he too is made fully aware of the dangerous state of the road."