Police Force's Secret Weapon

3 September 2010, 16:40 | Updated: 3 September 2010, 16:48

Lincolnshire Police have unveiled their latest asset in the fight against crime.

The force has purchased a John Deere 6630 tractor [pictured - right].

The machine, which boasts a top speed of 25 miles an hour, even has it's own flashing light.

It will be used by officers involved in Operation Fusion, an initiative to tackle rural and agricultural crime.

It can also be used in the event of severe flooding or during an environmental disaster.

The vehicle the brainchild of Chief Inspector Phil Vickers, who said there is a ''serious message'' behind the scheme.

He said: ''I have taken the tractor out for a spin and it does require some skill to control, so all credit to the guys who do this for a living.

'The tractor looks like a bit of fun but there is a serious message behind it - that we take rural crime seriously and want to work closely with our local communities.

'At this time of year agricultural crime can have a big impact on farmers because if a tractor is stolen people can lose their jobs or livelihood.

'That's why we are trying to make people aware of all the deterrents that are available and encouraging farmers to avoid becoming victims by tagging their vehicles.''