School places in Peterborough

More than 8 in ten pupils in Peterborough are celebrating after getting into their first choice secondary school.

The 84% figure is higher than the national average - despite pressure on places from a growing population in the city.

Jonathan Lewis, who is from Peterborough City Council's Children's Services Department,  says it is a complicated issue:

"It's been very difficult to predict the numbers of children coming into the school system. Obviously in an area like Peterborough, where there is high migration figure and birth rates are very high, we have had to work very quickly to deal with the issue.

We saw this coming several years ago and we planned for this happening. We've been negotiating with schools, we've been planning expansions, and we've tried to keep a very close eye on what has been going on. "

More than 96 per cent of Peterborough's school children will be going to one of their three preferred secondary schools.

The admissions team received 2,172 secondary school applications in total.

All parents who applied for secondary school places for their children have been allocated a place.

All the letters to parents have now been sent out - if you have not received yours by Friday, the advice is to contact the City Council directly on 01733 747474 and ask to speak to someone in the Admissions department.

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