South Holland: Second Lower Energy Auction

2 December 2012, 08:00

Residents who signed up to the Great South Holland Energy Switch will be making average annual savings of £171.

Now more energy customers in South Holland have the opportunity to register for a second auction.  That will be held this month in what will be an on-going process to help people save on fuel amid soaring costs.

The latest figures follow successful reverse auction bids by Ovo Energy and Co-operative Energy in a process run by the Dutch-Belgian firm Ichoosr and a campaign spearheaded by South Holland District Council.

Ovo Energy won the categories "Dual fuel online" and "Elec-only online" while Co-operative Energy won the two offline categories; "Dual fuel paper billing" and "Elec-only paper billing".

The personal auction result emails and letters will be sent out shortly.

Ichoosr will publish the potential savings for each category and post the results on

Meanwhile, the second auction will take place on December 18 so If you didn't sign up online for the first auction you can still do so for the second one via 

Paper registration forms which are also available from SHDC, Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding, PE11 2XE,  The Market  House, 9 Market Street, Long Sutton. PE12 9DD, South Holland Centre, Market Place, Spalding, Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, Churchgate, Spalding and SHDC ward councillors.

The deadline for submitted paper forms is last post on December 17.