Spalding: Tributes To Racing Driver

18 June 2012, 12:54 | Updated: 18 June 2012, 13:08

Tributes are being paid to a racing driver from Spalding who was killed in a crash during a race.

36 year old dad of two Steve Newman [pictured - above right] was competing in the British Stock Car Championship Final at Mildenhall Stadium in Suffolk on Saturday.

According to event organisers, the car Mr Newman was driving flipped on to its roof before being struck by cars behind.

The race was stopped and then abandoned following the crash.

Health and Safety investigators are now going through the events leading up to the crash.

In a statement, event promoters RDC said: "Despite his tough exterior on track, Steve was a very popular man off the raceway with fellow racers, fans and officials. 

Despite giving no quarter inch to any driver on the track he would be among the first willing to lend a hand to others off the track and in fact he spent much time on Saturday night at Mildenhall helping other racers with their cars so they could continue to compete for the British Championship.

His willingness to help the sport also extended into sponsorship and Steve had backed several Saloon Stockcar racing events at Mildenhall and beyond in recent times and was one of the sponsors of the weekend's race meeting which carried one of the biggest purses ever seen in the formula.

RDC would like to extend its heartfelt condolences not only to Steve family, including his two young children, and many friends but also to the entire Saloon Stockcar racing community. 

To all of the drivers, their families and teams who are no doubt feeling the same painful emotions so many are at this time."

Mr Newman leaves behind a wife and two young children.