Student's Message Of Peace

19 September 2011, 06:00

A 16 year-old pupil from Stamford's starting a series of film screenings in the town, that she hopes will be a future centre for sending out a message of peace.

Katy Phipps will be showing The Day After Peace at her school and local churches - about attempting a day in the year - without conflict around the world.

Katy told us "Every September for the past 4 years, it ACTUALLY makes a difference: "On the day itself - the 21st of September - the group has witnessed a 70% reduction of violence in Afghanistan. And because of that respite, they've been able to immunise 4.5m children against polio since 2007. I think the idea that one person can change the world is a fantastic idea."

Katy was struck by the work of the "Peace One Day" organisation and Heart she wants to see more films, publications and even songs to inspire more students to get involved: "Stamford High School could be an epi-centre for the work that PeaceOneDay does especially with young people. It's not just a one year thing, it's a long-term process."

The next screening will be at 7pm Monday (19th Sept) in Barn Hill Methodist Church and then at 7pm on Wednesday at Stamford High School, to co-incide with worldwide amnesty, called Global Truce.