Thurlby: Calls For A15 Crossing After Crashes

14 January 2014, 11:08 | Updated: 14 January 2014, 11:20

A petition has been set up calling for crossings to be installed on the A15 at Thurlby, where two schoolgirls were hit by a minibus.

Lincolnshire Police say the 11 year olds remain in a 'critical, but stable condition in hospital' following the crash last Tuesday (7 January).

Collision experts have since reconstructed the crash, to try and establish what happened before the incident.

The day after the Bourne Academy students were involved in the crash, there was a multi-vehicle accident close to the same location.

Thurlby resident Clare White, who set up the petition, said: "We want the council to listen.

We want the Highways Department to help us.

There are enough new businesses out there which could help us too.

I have tried to get across the road myself, with my children, and what initially sparked this campaign is that my daughter starts secondary school in September and she will have to get the bus there too."

The petition, which was set up last Thursday, has already been signed by almost 1,500 people.

Lincolnshire County Council say they are keen to work with the community to find a way forward.

The speed limit on this section is already in the process of being reduced from 60 miles per hour to 40.

The wording for the petition reads: "We as a village and surrounding areas are extremely concerned for the safety of pedestrians and drivers. There have been numerous accidents over the past few years, two in the last 24 hours in the same place! 

One involving two 11 year old local girls trying to cross the very busy road after getting off there school bus! 

We are aware that speed limits are being reduced,but this just isn't enough! 

A few ideas, speed cameras like baston/langtoft nearby? Mobile police cameras? Ideally traffic lights and a crossing for the safety of the many school children in this village! 

Something more has to be done, before things get worse.

As it is some motorists ignore the local speed limits, even through the 30mph villages. 

Outcome, ideally traffic lights and crossing at both busy junctions, if not, speed control/cameras in place."

Click here to visit the website hosting the petition.