Will Peterborough's Voters Turn Out?

The General Election has been called for May 6th, but 35% of people asked, say they have no intention of voting for anyone.

More worrying, is the fact that more than half of people under 35 we asked said they aren't going to make the effort.

The poll of 20 people in Cathedral Square also asked the reasons.

The most common reason not to vote in younger people was that they didn't know anything about it, or just didn't see why they should care.

But older voters said they would be turning out, with one man saying he'd never voted before but would be this time round.

People who haven't registered still have time with the deadline for Huntingdonshire and Peterborough being 20th April.


To Register in Huntingdonshire contact:

Electoral Registration

Huntingdonshire District Council

Pathfinder House

St Mary's Street


PE29 3TN

Tel: 01480 388017

Fax: 01480 388061


To Register in Peterborough contact:

Peterborough City Council

The Town Hall

Tel: 01733 747474


Will You Vote? Results:

Age        Will Vote       Will Not Vote

18-21         3                  1

21-25         2                  3

26-30         1                  1

31-35         0                  1

36-40         1                  0

41-45         3                  0

46-50         1                  0

51-55         1                  0

56-60         1                  0


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