Wisbech Criminals' Car Crushed

20 July 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 20 July 2011, 15:01

There's a warning that anyone using their car to commit crime in Cambridgeshire faces having it destroyed.

It's after a car used by two people who stole metal from premises in Wisbech was crushed.

The vehicle was seized by Police on April the 1st after it was found to contain vehicle parts stolen from a yard in Garden Lane, Wisbech St Mary.

Officers spotted two men acting suspiciously before driving away.

Several metal items, including a motorbike frame and mudguard were thrown from the car before it was stopped by Police.

The two men, both aged 22, recently both pleaded guilty to theft.

They were both given Community Orders and told to do 40 hours unpaid work.

A judge also ordered that their vehicle be destroyed.

Detective Sergeant Chris O'Brien said: "This should send out a stern warning that anyone who uses their vehicle to commit crime in Cambridgeshire faces the prospect of it being seized and crushed."