Market Deeping Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The olympic torch will arrive in Market Deeping from Peterborough.

The flame will enter Market Deeping via the B1524 Lincoln Road at 0808.

It will travel along Lincoln Road and onto Church Street and then join Halfleet.

The torch will end its relay through Market Deeping at the junction of Halfleet, Towngate West and Towngate East.

Next stop: Thurlby.

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Meet Market Deeping's Torchbearers:

Carl Garner Name: Carl Garner
Age: 41
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: Carl runs a local boys football team he is always full of enthusiasm energy encouragment and passion. He puts a lot in for others.Besides playing all sports I have been involved with running football and cricket sides since I was 16 years old In the past I have captained an outdoor cricket side and run 2 different successful indoor cricket sides for many years. In football I have been a playing club secretary for 14 years I spent many years reffering and now enjoy the last 6-7 years being a very successful junior football coach (won the last two years the local league title) I have seen some of my players move onto being signed for Peterborough (junior) United the objectives for the team is enjoyment and development I have to admit to enjoying there development and do not seek any reward. Finally last week accepted the position of Chairman of Glinton United.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Nick Rickett
Age: 44
From: Baston
Nomination Story:"Nick is very active in a wide range of acivities and organisations which make the life of our village such a vibrant one. Two particular examples stand out for me both of which are linked to having a healthy lifestyle. .He coordinates our allotment group, for instance he organises essentials such as our seed orders and manure. Nick is also part of a gruop who work tirelessly to raise funds to promote healthy activities so that our playing fields have become one of the focus points of village life. I believe Nick would be an ideal candidate to be a torch bearer representing our community."
Sam Hills Name: Sam Hills
Age: 14
From: Lowestoft
Nomination Story: "I am nominating my son Sam. During 2008-2010 Sam was very ill and missed months of school. He had had undetected glandular fever. The fever totally wiped out Sam's ability to be a normal 11-12 year old. Sam's life was all of a sudden empty, lonely and painful. He was a well reputed super star on the football pitch, playing badminton, representing his county in athletics etc. 'Post-viral syndrome/ME' deprived him of everything. Sam suffered, not only physically but mentally too. Friends forgot about him after long-term absence from school; he was isolated, lonely and scared. After about eighteen months he slowly began to recover. He gradually made a phased return to school. In May 2010 he set himself a target to prove to himself that he was truly better and show how determined he was to get his life back. He took part in his school's sponsored walk/run and broke the school record by running 10.2 miles in 2 hours! He also raised around £50 for the school . Everyone took their hat off to Sam for inspiring others who are suffering in a similar way. True grit and self-determination got him to fully recover. Now he is back to sport with a vengeance! Sam would absolutely run his socks off if was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch. To you, his achievement might seem very small but he would be a shining light and example to any young person suffering from PVS/ME proving it is possible to recover from this, often unrecognized, evil, indiscriminate illness and return to full health."