Moulton Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The torch will arrive in Moulton at 1037 having travelled from Spalding.

It will arrive in Moulton along the A151 High Road at the junction with Bell Lane.

The flame will then be taken along High Road, past Church Lane, before finishing the Moulton leg of the relay at the junction of High Road and Spalding Gate.

Next Stop: Whaplode

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Meet Moulton's Torchbearer:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Kieron Green
Age: 12
From: Wisbech
Nomination Story: "Kieron was diagnosed with diabetes when he was was 4. His blood sugar levels have to be tested 4/5 times a day and he takes great pride in testing himself. Sometimes he suffers from diziness and tiredness as a result of his blood sugar dropping. He has learnt to recognise the symptoms and formulated strategies to help him overcome this, he watches what he eats and adle to recognise foods that will keep his blood sugar level up and those that will ensure that it does not drop too low. He plays football for his local team and also play cricket. He hs learnt about the Values in his `be the best` lessons. He personifies courage determintaion and inspiration. He has had to cope with an enormous amount of personal challenge and has overcome this with great dignity and modesty"