Peterborough Torch Route - Tuesday

Day 46: Tuesday 3 July.

The torch will arrive in Peterborough at 1835, when it will enter the city via Oundle Road, just off the A1260 Nene Parkway.

It will travel to the end of Oundle Road and then turn left to join the A15 London Road.

The flame will be taken along London Road, past Bourges Boulevard and then on to Bridge Street.

It will then move through Wheel Yard, along City Road and then turn right onto St John's Street.

The torch will continue on to Bishop's Road, then Rivergate, before finishing on the River Embankment for the evening celebrations at around 1900.

Next stop: Peterborough (Wednesday 4 July)

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Meet Peterborough's Torchbearers

Alice Evans Name: Alice Evans
Age: 16
From: Oakham
Nomination Story: Alice is one of my close friends at school and is a girl who always puts others before herself. Shes incredably caring and i'm not just saying that. If ever myself or one of my friends is down alice has a certain way of cheering you up. Shes a grade A student and studys incredably hard. I think she deserves the chance to be recognised by the local community so that everyone can see how amazing she is. She is recognised by our school in movie making and is known around school. Her mother is well known in the community but I think that Alice should be givern her own chance to shine. Alice is someone who I know will go far and this could be the chance to get her going. Shes a one in a million girl and i'm proud to know her.

London 2012 Olympic torch
Name: Brian Holditch
Age: 72
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Brian is now in his 70s. For a number of years he has carried out charity work. He has taken part in marathons, written books and given talks all to raise money for both local and national causes. He sponsored an Indian girl from birth to adulthood and when she needed an operation to straighten her arm, he raised the money for her treatment. He visited her in India and came back, raising more money for wall to be built around her school, to keep 'bandits' out. Brian has looked after his wife who has undergone several very serious illnesses and throughout this caring period he had continued to raise money for charities. He is a worthy contender to carry the Olympic Torch and I hope my nomination will be considered. Thank you."
Charlie Sissons
Name: Charlie Sissons
Age: 18
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Charlotte AKA Charly won the RYA East Zone Sailor of the year 2 years ago. She had lost her sight for 9 months due to Hysterical Blindness brought on from years of bullying at school Inspite of this she kept up with the only passion in life that was windsurfing which she had taken up at the age of 9 1/2 . Upon the death of her Grandmother Dot ( Her best friend & soulmate ) her vision slowly returned. In between time she had to keep going to school and do her GCSE exams. She was expected to get B-A in all subjects but the blindness does not help when watching a video and then having to write a 2000 word essay on it. Her main objective was to Join the RAF as a engineer but her blindness has stopped that for 5 years to prove that she will not have a reoccurrence. But nothing stops Charly - she enrolled at Stamford Collage doing Motor Vehicle Mechanics, getting Student of the Year in her first year and 100% for all her exams in the second year. She lost her will to windsurf for a while but now has taken it up again with a vengeance. She is at this moment taking her instructors course so she can help young kids take up the sport and compete in the RYA Team 15 Events and progress into the RYA Squads. She was on this herself hoping to take part in the Olympics in 2012."

Ian Crighton
Name: Ian Crighton
Age: 57
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Iain's commitment to all things Peterborough stretches well beyond his own businesses, yes plural, he is into cars (Crightons of Peterborough), bikes (Greenwheel Cycles) and Hydropools (Crightons Hydropool). But his range of voluntary commitments are extensive and quite a contribution: President of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, and Chairman of the Peterborough Chamber; Chairman (since inception in 2006) of LIVING SPORT Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Sports Partnership; Chairman Peterborough SportsAid and a Trustee of SportsAid Eastern; Chairman of the Peterborough City Centre Executive and the Adult Skills Sector in the City ? with which he has championed the Peterborough Skills Vision which is gaining national recognition. Iain was the recipient of the Peterborough City Council sponsored Contribution to the Community Award in the 2009 Business Awards. It is sport where he has made a real difference locally; initially setting up a Crightons Sports Stars of the Future Scheme back in the 1990's which then evolved into the establishment of Peterborough Sports Aid, which again is nationally recognised for its success in engaging local businesses through regular lunch clubs to generate funds to support talented young athletes from Peterborough to achieve their ambitions. But Iain's influence and interest is such that the opportunity of support from Peterborough and indeed other SportsAid groups in Cambridgeshire is promoted widely, ensuring that as many clubs and schools and therefore individuals in them, are aware of the opportunity to be supported, and seeking out potential Paralympians to ensure that they are also supported."

London 2012 Olympic torch
Name: Mike Russell
Age: 77
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story:Have been well recognised within this City during the past 30 years in promoting and being involved in many Projects (and Awards) involving many aspects to improve the Environment. By individually 'leading' by example and assisting in local Groups.' Also been associated with local Sports Clubs in supporting Road and Cross Country Events. Looking to run my 20th London Marathon in 2012 in my 77th year.. Also completed 13 Nijmegen Marches ( 100 miles in 4 days). and many International Sporting events whilst serving in the RAF Also been a member of a four man team in the famous Cyprus Walkabouts in 1973/4 Have carried the Commonwealth Baton/Message on three previouis occasions.
 London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Nick Haste
Age: 24
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Nick has a niece, Daniella, who has had 3 life saving operations at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. Nick has seized every opportunity to raise money for the GOSH charity. At school he led the charity week team and travelled miles at his own expense to collect equipment to ensure the week was a success. The week raised over £10,000, half of which went to GOSH. Since leaving school, despite working long and unsocial hours he has taken part in other fund raising events, not only for GOSH but also for CLIC Sargent the charity for Children with cancer. He has completed Great Eastern half marathon and most recently swam a mile in the Thames as part of the British Gas Great Swim. I know he would be honoured to be selected in recognition of all he has done for the children who have benefitted from the charities and the marvellous work done at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital." 
London 2012 Olympic torch
Name: Stephen Berridge
Age: 43
From: Uppingham
Nomination Story: "Steve Berridge demonstrates his passion for sports through his selfless committment to supporting and encouraging others, particularly children, to participate and excel in their chosen sport. Living in Uppingham all his life, as a child, Stephen was a sports youth leader for 14 years. Over the last 5 years he has established and successfully coached the Uppingham Colts football team as well as establishing more junior teams to feed into it. As a member of the Uppingham Cricket Club he has played a leading role over the last few years in establishing the new cricket club ground and club house. He is also the head coach of the the Uppingham U 11's cricket team and has worked hard to develop youth cricket at the Uppingham Cricket Club. An inspirational coach he keenly supports and encourages children of all abilities to particpate and succeed at their chosen sports. His approach is always inclusive and supportive. His roles with the kid's football and cricket teams make significant demands on his personal free time, which he gives without complaint. Steve is a governor at the local state school (Uppingham Community College) and has been a driving force behind the international schools sporting exchange between UCC and the Don Bosco school in Hacht, Belguim for 30 years both as a participant and an organiser. Steve is one of the good guys and a sporting inspiration to kids of all abilities. As a beacon, he deserves the chance to carry the torch." 

 Sumayya Manji
Name: Sumayya Manji
Age: 13
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: I love contributing to the community because it's not only fun but it's so satisfying to see smiles on the faces of people we've helped.My community and charity work involves being on the 2009-2011 Youth Board (DfE) - I took part in discussing policies with MPs inspired young people to get more involved by showing them benefits and engaged with them through questionares. As part of the school council my role is to actively listen to the suggestions of my form members. Also through my class I wrote to my local MP on our topic of poverty. Others were inspired to make a difference and did things like carry out surveys. I do a lot of charity work eg street collections for DEC cake sales visit care homes/hospitals and I ran the Race for Life with friends and family. I won a 2012 badge through school for my work. I hope to carry on my work and become a politician or MP!
 Tash Applegate Name: Tash Applegate
Age: 17
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: I love my sport! Always have done. I play for Netherton United Diamonds Ladies FC I scored 50 goals this season and wish to carry the torchMy dreams are to become a top level referee i am qualified and am working up the ranks! My aim is to referee The World Cup Final in 2030! I enjoy reffing others helping them out if they want coaching on reffereeing. I am currently undertaking my Level 2 with Northamptonshire FA. I am also coaching an under 12's team and an under 16's team at Netherton Diamonds Girls FC. One of the under 12's mum approached me and said her daughter looks up to me as a fantastic footballer. My goals are to become a top class coach too. Coaching means a lot to me I want to help out other females who want to follow in my footsteps becoming top class coaches and referees. I want to show these male coaches and referees that females can do the jobs too.