Spalding Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The torch will arrive in Spalding at 0934 having travelled through Bourne.

It will begin the journey through Spalding on the A151 Bourne Road at the junction with Broadway.

The flame will continue on to Winsover Road before joining Station Street.

The torch will then join Sheep Market and continue to Hall Place and then Market Place.

It will then join Church Street and make a left onto Halmer Gate before making a right turn on to Low Road, where the Spalding relay will finish at the roundabout with the A16.

Next Stop: Moulton

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Meet Spalding's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Amanda Scase
Age: 29
From: Spalding
Nomination Story: Amanda has been part of girlguiding for over 20 years has recently taken guides to Russia & Is Spaldings citizen of the year 2009.I will be continuing to run both Brownies and Senior Section on a weekly basis meaning I can create opportunities for 30 7-10 year olds and 15 14-25 year olds. I have recently lead a cultural exchange to Minsk Belarus for 8 girls aged 16-18. I want to create fun laughter and a save environment for children to still be children and the older girls to bring any issues to a safe place for advice. I believe by leading by example and embracing change positively. I want these girls to grab every opportunity or challenge and deal with them in a positive way. Our countries youth are our future and without guidance and positive role models where will we be. I want to be that role model. I have done this for over 10 years with GirlGuiding uk
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Charles Cattell
Age: 67
From: Wisbech
Nomination Story: "Charles Cattell has been a member, dedicated teacher and examiner of Wisbech and District Life Saving Club for 37 years. During this time he has encouraged, trained and examined generations of local children, teenagers and adults for awards of the Royal \Life Saving Society, especially for the Bronze Medallion. Despite being retired, he gives his time weekly in helping to run the Club by co-ordinating training, looking after the accounts, dealing with correspondence and fundraising. If away from Wixbech, he nonetheless ensures that Club training runs smoothly. .He is the mainstay of the Club and represents it at Branch Meetings. The Royal Life Saving Society has honoured his contribution with a number of service and merit awards over the years. He swims and runs regularly to keep fit."
Craig Sargent Name: Craig Sargent
Age: 36
From: Great Yarmouth
Nomination Story: "Craig is a man of complete determination, his lifelong dream was to become a Royal Marine. Having joined when he was 18 he suffered some medical issues, spending a few months there in hospital with Septacaemia.He was told he was medically unfit for them and discharged on the day he was due to 'pass out'. Deciding to prove them wrong he regained his fitness & ran as a pastime, competing in the New York, Florida & London marathons.However, this was still not enough & he simply had to push for something more extreme so he decided to run in the Marathon Des Sables 2011, a self sufficient marathon in the sahara desert (155 miles over 6 days).After the first 2 days the heat (52C) & extremity of this endurance was hitting him hard & he was at the brink of defeat, he had deep inpacted blisters on the balls of both feet, blisters on each toe & heel, & both feet were infected. After being advised by the medics to pull out he was at an all time low. He wrote a message to all followers on his blog to say he may not carry on! Everyone was on tenderhooks but when he appeared on the racetracker the following morning we were all in awe of his courage, he continued the race on raw feet, barely able to place one foot infront of the other but still helping his team mates get to the finish line with him. He finished the next 4 days & entire race in just over 50 hours, inspiring his followers to start running again & raised over £6000 for charity. He couldn't let anyone down, especially himself."
Danielle Smith Name: Danielle Smith
Age: 21
From: Grantham
Nomination Story: My daughter - Danielle Smith is a 20 year old below the knee amputee who strives to make the best out of every day. Her amputation is not a barrier for her. In 2004 we were visiting family in Cyprus (shortly after she lost her leg at 13) and came across the Team GB Olympic swimming team in their training camp. She swam with them and had good advice from them and Bill Sou - the then training coach (and himself an amputee). The Team GB truly inspired her and I think she inspired them. Danielle has helped a young amputee who lost his leg in Afganistan by giving some sound advice (and I think other advice that only an amputee could give) She is being put forward as a counsellor to others who suffer limb loss and has been invited to Headley Court to talk to some of the patients there. I feel that Danielle is just what you are looking for not 100% physically perfect but is willing to show the world that it doesnt matter a jot !
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: David Asher
Age: 29
From: Great Gonerby
Nomination Story: "David has worked really really hard to achieve his dream of becoming a police officer and despite coming from a dysfunctional ,deprived background,he has been able achieve his dream this year at the age of 29.he also suffers from dysphyraxia. He attended university and studied crimonology whilst working at mcdonalds and helping me with his siblings. He become a PCSO 5 years ago in lincoln and became popular with the locals with being helpful etc. His 30th Birthday is on the day the torch is travelling through lincoln and it would so be good for him to have his achievements recognised"
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Holly Sheffield
Age: 12
From: Suffolk
Nomination Story: "This was her statement as to why she should be chosen to be a torch bearer. . Wow I am so happy to be nominated as one of the people who might be chosen to represent our school to carry the Olympic Torch. I have given this some thought over the weekend and I think I am able to show all of the Olympic Values.. Friendship is a major part of my life. To have friends and to be a friend is sometimes hard but having respect, being loyal and being there for someone when they need you is an amazing feeling.. I am determined to excel at school but sometimes have to find the courage to believe in myself and try again when things are not going as I hoped.. . If I were to be chosen to carry the torch it would be a great honour for me, my family and I hope an inspiration to a lot of people in our school.."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Jon Male
Age: 51
From: Norwich
Nomination Story: "I am chair of the Norfolk and Norwich Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and have been involved with the charity for 10 years (chair for 5). I co-ordinate the committee, overseeing the members and ensuring that ultimately we get fundraising support. We do street collections, supermarket collections, cheque presentations when groups have completed fundraising activities for the charity and drive the profile of the campaign in general. Last year we raised £50k! The absolute impact is that we can help fund research for sufferers and carers as the government do not make grants for this cause available (and things are expensive - a wheelchair costs £10k!)."
Matt Newton Name: Matt Newton
Age: 16
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Matthew has been working extremely hard to earn 300 plus volunteering hours to his name. He has become an important asset to both Peterborough City Rowing Club and the City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS) by providing his services at training as a coach and administrator for up to seven and a half hours a week, and organises competitions in both clubs, as well as finding time to train with both clubs himself. For COPS he coaches a squad and beginners, and assists with Club Swimming Galas, progressing now to lead responsibility for a 9-12 year olds meet and assisting with COPS Open meet. For the Rowing Club assisting with team and events administration, he has also assisted with the organisation of the Peterborough Schools Indoor Rowing League. This level of commitment to supporting others to enjoy and develop in two different sports is exceptional, and inspirational, especially when considering that he commits to 12 hours a week to his own rowing training, and swims a further 3½ hours per week."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Shannon Williams-Holland
Age: 15
From: Donnington
Nomination Story: Shannon is a young carer she conducts awareness raising and partnership work with Action for Young Carers. She also arranges activitiesIn the future I plan to use the skills i have in planning and organization to help give children from all backgrounds and abilities the opportunities they may not have otherwise had. i also planned to work with and care for these children on a daily basis. I plan to do this by opening and running my own accessible nursery. I would also like to run a charity that would help people what are mentally or physically disabled or have suffered from drug or alcohol abuse and also help the peopple who care for them. I have beeen using skills i that would be useful for this in many ways already for AYC. But in the future closer to this present date i would like to carry on helping action for young carers for as long as i can.
Thomas Giddings Name: Thomas Giddings
Age: 19
From: Spalding
Nomination Story: "Thomas is only 18 years of age, but does so much for the community. He is a first responder of LIVES, which means going out to Category A calls most weekends to save the lives of many, in difficult situations. He runs a medical team, which is part of Scouting, helps teach others first aid and trains with Air Ambulance in London when he can. All of this is done voluntary and in his own time but he wouldn't have it and other way! He is a student but also works at Bourne outdoor pool (this is a charity pool that relies entirely on public funding) and for rutland rescue, which involves providing safety cover for all the watersports users of the large reservoir, and going out in all weathers to rescue those in need or that require emergency medical treatment. His aim after college and university is to become a qualified Emergency Medical Practitioner and work with the Air Ambulance, so he can continue his work saving lives. He never thinks about himself and always puts others first, he never asks or expects praise and recognition for the work he does. He will help out anyone who asks and he always does it with a caring approach and a friendly smile. He is a great asset to our community and I feel he deserves recognition for all the work he does! A truly amazing person who's admired by many!"