Text In The Blank

Are you a budding writer? We want to test you creative skills with Text In The Blank...

Every morning at 7.20am we'll be playing "Text in the blank"
All you'll need to do is listen to Heart Breakfast and we'll read a phrase based on a news story, all you have to do is fill in the blank.  
It's just for fun but we'll be getting the person with the best filler on air so you can be a star for the day
The daily winner will be as judged by Abby, whose decision will be final!

The number you will need is 82122 and don't forget to start your message with the word MUSIC

Here is a selection of recent winners...

Story: "Simon Cowell has told Alexandra Burke she is not allowed a pet dog, a spokesman commented...BLANK"
Winner: "Simon's ruff decision makes Alex paws for thought!" - Ally in Peterborough


Story: "A weight watchers club in Sweden got a shock when the stage they were holding their weigh in on collapsed..one member said...BLANK"
Winner: "I knew everyone had eaten a lot over Christmas but we didn't expect to break in the new year like this!" Paul