Alcoholic Warns Others About The Dangers

Last year there were 1.2 million admissions to hospital associated with alcohol and it's reckoned it costs 3.5 billion pounds, that works out 120 pounds each.

Alcohol misuse is one of the biggest health problems in the country.

37-year-old Shallon Harvey from Plymouth stopped drinking six months ago but for him it's to late, his liver has already been damaged beyond repair.

He was talking exclsuively to Michaela. He hopes by talking to us it will stop someone else ending up like him.


After talking to Shallon we wanted to get some specialist advice so I went to Plymouth's Derriford hospital to speak to specalist liver nurse Amanda Clements, she told me that cases like Shallon's are sadly no surprise anymore.


If you need help with drinking then please don't leave it to late