Anti-social behaviour crackdown

Police across Devon and Cornwall will be out in force for a ‘week of action’ tackling the concerns of local residents during Halloween and bonfire night.

Operation Everest will take place from 31 October to 6 November 2010.  Traditionally this is one of the police’s busiest times of the year.

While many people will be out having fun, enjoying the numerous events that take place across the region, for some residents, Halloween and bonfire night can be an unpleasant and scary time.
In the past Devon and Cornwall Police have had a day of action, called Operation Everest, where police resources dedicated to reducing crime and antisocial behaviour have been significantly increased over and above the usual policing resource level.

Listen here to PCSO Helen Gilpin 

This time, Operation Everest will run over a whole week during a period that police anticipate an increase in antisocial activity. By day activities will focus on community initiatives and events to address priorities set in each neighbourhood, including activities such as community speedwatch, crime prevention advice, street briefings and antisocial behaviour patrols.  

Listen here to Plymouth Commander Andy Bickley

By night the focus shifts to high visibility patrols, particularly on Halloween and bonfire night to ensure events are enjoyed safely and peacefully across Devon and Cornwall.