CCTV Of Mini Crime Spree Suspects

Police in Plymouth are seeking the public's help in identifying two men who are suspected of being involved in a number of incidents across the city. 

On Sunday the 19th of August 2012 at approximately 6am two men were witnessed on CCTV to have an argument with staff at a take-away in Plymouth City Centre. 

This argument led to one of the suspects throwing a can of lager at the staff. 

These men then went on to take a taxi from the City Centre to Kensington Road, at which point they kicked a car window out, assaulted the driver and made off without paying. 

Police believe the men are also sought regarding a burglary which was then committed in the area immediately after. 

Anyone who is able to identify either of the men (pictured) is asked to please contact police on 101 quoting crime numbers EC/12/7883, EC/12/7884 or EC/12/8048.

CCTV of suspect