Devon Families Want Men B Vaccine

A Devon family want to push the Government into backing a vaccine for meningitis B.

Chris and Adrienne Reed-Thomas, who live near Ivybridge, have spoken to Heart about the devastating effect the deadly disease can have.

Their daughter Myrtle survived - but has been left with life long effects, including possible deafness.

The family describe how they faced 10 days of hell coming to terms with the deadly disease and the aftermath when they realised the drama hadn't ended.

Meningitis B

Research estimates those effects can cost between 1 and 4 million per family.

Even now the family find it hard to discuss what happened and appeal to other families to recognise the signs and if in doubt get help....

Meningitis - know the signs


Every minute saved can save a lot of further pain and suffering.



4,000 people have signed the petition at

or phone the 24 hour helpline - 080 8800 33 44