Did Anyone in Devon Get Olympic Tickets?

It seems that Devon residents have lost out in the London Olympic 2012 ballot.

So says, Alison Seabeck MP for Plymouth Moor View who's so angry that she's written to the Minister responsible for the Olympics to seek an explanation for the ticket debacle which appears to have left many people from Plymouth and the South West without tickets.

She is seeking to get a regional breakdown of the ticket allocation.

Alison said: "Lord Coe’s explanation of the need for tickets to go to their big corporate sponsors  will not satisfy all those people who have applied, myself included, and received no tickets at all. 

"For people in the South West to commit to buying tickets to see stars like Tom Daley and Heather Fell, to travel all the way up to London and spend more money on accommodation shows real commitment and if the figures show that our region has lost out then I will want some questions answered.”

"I would welcome constituents letting me know if they have been successful or not in order that I can make the case more forcibly to the Minister."

So, do you know of anyone who lives in Devon that has got their FULL allocation?

Do you know of anyone who got ANY tickets?

If so text the breakfast show on Monday 13th June start your message with Devon and send it to 82122.

Or email the newsroom at news.devon@heart.co.uk

We want to find someone from Devon who is going to the 2012 Olympics.