EXCLUSIVE - Sixty on police hotlist

Heart have had exclusive access to Plymouth’s Motor Patrol Unit who've been monitoring motorists who constantly speed across the Tamar bridge.

The drivers have been repeatedly caught on camera going at least ten miles an hour above to 30 limit on a regualr basis.

The bridge has created a ‘Hot List’ of the repeat offenders, and we were allowed to follow officers as they tried to catch up with the persistant offenders to give them a warning.

One had been caught on camera speeding 17 times in the last 6 months.

LISTEN HERE: We go on patrol with MPC Steve Morris

The speed limit in this area is 30 MPH, one of the reasons the police want to speak to the speeders today is to warn them of the dangers of speeding.

Each time they speed along Tamar Bridge they run the risk of going through the crash barriers which can only withstand impact of 30 MPH. This means they could fall into the sea or hit a pedestrian.

They’re hoping that each driver they speak to today will be able to warn other drivers about the dangers of speeding over the bridge.