Former Bodyguard Wants Plymouth Argyle

Matt Fiddes who used to be the former body guard to Michael Jackson for 12 years has recently moved in to the Plymouth area.

Himself and a few other millionaire celebrity friends who he met through the late pop star MJ, including one of the richest men in England property tycoon, nightclub and restaurant owner and TV star Terry George. Terry is on the current UK rich list, owns Britain's best home located in Leeds and was featured on TV's Secret Millionaire.

Fiddes and George are trying to put together a consortium of their celebrity friends and wealthy  business men contacts to try and save the football club.

It is well known to the media and public and world famous celebrity Uri Gellar are very close friends and that Uri Gellar was a director of Exeter city fc for some time, including bringing the late MJ to visit Exeter city football ground in 2002.

Matt Fiddes will not confirm if Uri Gellar will be involved in this consortium as they are close friends.

He will also not be releasing any details of who may be involved until Matt and Terry visit Plymouth Argyle football ground next week.

Mr George has confirmed he will fly from Leeds to Plymouth to go along to the football ground with Fiddes to see if a rescue package can be put in place.

Fiddes is said to be worth 30 million, moved near Plymouth recently to live with girlfriend Rebecca Coker.