Hear Amber's story

A bright and confident 14-year old called Amber walks into the room laughing to her mate about recording an interview.

It's clear to see that this young person has had a troubled background mainly because she 'got in' with the wrong crowd.

Led astray and skipping school, Amber is 'at risk' and could easily fall into a life of crime.

14-year old Amber

The Youth Inclusion Programme actively engages with teenagers like Amber - who perhaps through no fault of their own often feel isolated and don't know where to turn or get help.

A plan is drawn up with the young person and their family (if they want to) and a range of interventions are put in place; these can include taking time out of school, but being involved in a range of activities to keep their reading and writing skills up to scratch.

The service also makes efforts to offer young people positive role models through their workers and volunteer mentors.

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