Missing Andrew Gosden

Andrew has been missing since September 2007 when he was aged 14.

Now within a few weeks there have been three possible sightings of him or someone who may resemble him in central Plymouth.

One on a bus, another near Bretonside bus station and a third in the city centre. Unfortunately the areas concerned do not have CCTV coverage and so none of these can be confirmed.

The photo on the right has used computer technology to show an age progression of what he may look like two and a half years later.

LISTEN HERE: Father Kevin Gosden talks to Heart about renewed hope for finding Andrew.

His family back in Doncaster are desperate for news and after launching a two and a half year national campaign - this is the first time they've had so many reports of possible sightings in such a short space of time.

If you have any information please ring the Missing People hotline on 0500 700 700


Here is the link to Missing People who act as a link between information from the public and the families: GO HERE