More Mutley Roadworks

Roads surrounding Mutley Plain could be closed for another twelve weeks

Wales and West utilities are going to be closing Alexandra Road for six weeks before moving on to Lipson Vale Road for a further six weeks.

These new roadworks come after a three week closure of Mutley Plain, which cut off many local businesses on the main street. Many traders say their income dropped by 50% and they are not looking forward to the next set of roadworks.

A spokesman for Wales and West Utilities says: "The work we are carrying out in Mutley is essential to bring improved safety and security of supply to homes and businesses in the area."

The scheme is part of a thirty year replacement programme of old metal gas pipes across the South West.

The local authority asked for the works on Alexandra Road to be brought forward after the main high-street was re-opened ahead of schedule, after three weeks.

The road is expected to be closed 200 metres from the junction of Alexandra Road and Mutley Plain.