Mum and four kittens dumped

Staff at Gables Farm cats and dogs home were shocked when a Mum and her four kittens were brought in after being found abandoned on the side of the A38 in a flimsy fabric cat bed.

The Mum, who has been named 'Roadside Lady' and her four kittens are lucky to be alive, they are now being looked after at Gables Farm until they are old enough to be re-homed.

General Manager Claire Wadsworth says: "This abandonment was totally unnecessary and very upsetting, the mum and kittens were not secure and totally exposed to danger from traffic.

"So far this year we are already seeing an increase in the amount of unwanted kittens and pregnant cats coming in to the Home as people cannot find new homes for the animals they have bred.

"I appeal to all cat owners to get their cats neutered and stop breeding so many kittens as animal welfare organisations like ours only have limited space for unwanted animals and there are not enough homes to go round as it is!"

 If you feel you could offer a loving home to a needy dog or cat please telephone Gables Farm on 01752 331602 or visit for more information.