New Order Bans Tombstoning

Tombstoning is to be banned on Plymouth's waterfront as it's linked to underage drinking, abuse and violence.

A dispersal order designed to tackle crime and anti social behaviour in the city centre and the anti social behaviour associated with tombstoning on Plymouth Hoe and on the Barbican seafront will come into effect next month.

The order will be in place around the clock from Saturday 9 April to Wednesday 6 July 2011 and will cover an area bounded by:

Coxside, the Barbican, the Hoe and around to Millbay.

There has already been an incident this year involving a young person getting into difficulty after jumping into the sea and needing help from the emergency services. 

Most people involved in tombstoning are aged between 14 and 19 years and the associated anti social behaviour has included underage drinking, public order offences involving abuse and foul language and associated violence. 

A quick search on the internet and you can soon find some of the Tombstoning authorities are worried about.




The diving board seen in the video has now been dismantled.

The main problem is the tombstoners do not recce or even realise what they could be jumping into.

Take a look at this video made by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.



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