New Plymouth Sign Defaced

10 April 2013, 12:35 | Updated: 10 April 2013, 12:38

A new sign, which welcomes visitors to Plymouth dubbing it as 'Britain's Ocean City' has been defaced to read 'Welcome to Plymouth Britain's Pot Hole City'.

The sign is one of several dotted around the city, featuring Smeaton's Tower Lighthouse against a backdrop of Plymouth Sound.

New Signs Welcome People To Plymouth


Plymouth's the first in the country to use a new style of welcome sign, featuring a large full colour picture of a local, iconic landmark.

But Heart reported just last month, when the signs were first intalled, that the people of Plymouth weren't too impressed.

Now, someone's decided to put their own twist on the city's welcome sign placed alongside the A386 at Roborough using a piece of paper, although the added POT HOLE words have since been removed.

Those who came up with the idea say at such a small cost, it's a worthwhile investment.

Chair of Destination Plymouth, Duncan Currall told Heart the welcome signs will help create 2 thousand jobs over the next 7 years and generate a lot of wealth through tourism.