No Jobs, No Prospects

In Devon there are more than five thousand teenagers described as Neets - "Not in Education, Employment, or Training".

In a Heart survey 4 out of 5 want to leave Plymouth due to the lack of quality jobs, low wages and the general lack of prospects in the city.

They claim the minimum wage is holding them up with many employers unwilling to give them jobs because of the paperwork and red tape - its not worth the hassle.

But this is having a big knock-on effect in their chances of getting full-time employment, a career and getting a start in life.

Long term prospects aren't much better with jobs either paying just over the minimum wage or needing degrees and top end qualifications just to apply.

Jobs teenagers


In other parts of Devon this is more acute, a supermarket recently opened in North Devon - for every job there were six applicants.

A lot's been mentioned about apprenticeships and qualifications - but does it help?




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