Plymouth mum wants ban on explicit mags

A facebook campaign's started in Devon to keep explicit material out of site.

It's all been kicked off by a Plymouth mum who's fed up of her kids seeing explicit mags on sale in local newsagents.

Currently, there's nothing set in stone about newsagents being forced to cover up pornographic material, they only have to place a cover on the magazine if the shop owner says so.

Mother of two Meghan Fleet wants it to be made illegal for such publications to be on display, she's also calling for an age limit on some magazines due to their explicit content.

Meghan talks to Heart about the changes she wants.

In the research she's carried out she says often pornographic magazines can be placed next to children's publications without parents being able to stop them.

She needs a thousand signatures to her petition before it can be taken any further with South west Devon MP Gary Streeter who's backing the campaign.

Website set up by Meghan and to sign the petition:

To join her group: