Plymouth rider wants to hide identity

Police are appealing to members of the public for their help in trying to identify a motorcyclist who has committed several motoring offences in the Plymouth area.

The motorcyclist, riding what is thought to be a Yamaha 125cc bike, has repeatedly driven through speed camera sites at excess speed in the city and used his hand and what is thought to be an L plate to obscure his registration from the camera

This rider has committed various offences in the Plymouth area and needs to be located and spoken to by the police.

A police spokesman said: "Can anyone please identify the rider and the registration number of the motorbike shown in the picture.

"If the rider were to fall off whilst not in control of the motor bike and at the speeds recorded the consequences could be fatal, not only for the rider, but for any other road users who just happen to be close by."


Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Safety Camera Unit at Crownhill Police Station on 01752 765701.