Plymouth: Video Tribute To Fallen Soldiers

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A former RAF hero is creating the biggest ever social media memorial to the 632 British serviceman who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Zak Anderson, 28, who left the RAF after 10 years fighting in both conflicts, wants a member of the public to volunteer to read out the name and rank of each fallen hero.
He then plans to edit it together into a giant online tribute to be released on YouTube.
Zak lost four of his friends during his deployment in Afghanistan and says more should be done to remember our war dead.
He has managed to attract 125 volunteers from across the country for the video but needs a further 507 to complete the project.
Zak of Plymouth, Devon,  said: "What makes this project different is that this will feature actual people paying tribute to people they may never have met.
"It's a lot more personal and I'm hoping that the families of those people who lost a son, daughter, husband, wife or relative will be touched by it.
"It will be nice for them to think that someone, who has possibly never met them, cares."
To take part contact Zak at