Positive Outlook for Dartmoor Prison

The Governor of Dartmoor prison has vowed to make changes and improve the jail after a poor inspection report.

Positive aspects include the use of force has reduced in the last 24 months. mandatory drug testing rate for positive drug taking is well below target, last month it was ZERO. And the number of acts of self harm have gone down.

The resettlement unit did win praise for the work they do and they are one of the few establishments that cater for service veterans.

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The HMIP inspection took place between the 10th and 19th March 2010. It makes some 270 recommendations, 20 house keeping points and three examples of best practice.

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Governer Tony Corcoran admits: "There are a small minority of staff who have failed to abide by the strict codes of professionalism I demand, and they've been dealt with through the disciplinary process."

Chief Inspector of prisons Dame Anne Owers: "A new management team had begun to make progress, but from an even lower base than that recorded at the last inspection. They will need greeter and continuing support at area and national level if Dartmoor is to become, and stay, an effective and decent training prison."