The Price of Getting Around

Following on from jobs and prospects came the subject of transport. Perhaps not top of your list, but the modern day teenager faces huge challenges to just get around.

Transport and getting around especially in a county like Devon was the first real taste of freedom for many. A chance to escape the isolation meet friends and have a good old time.

But now it's not the cost of fuel that's stopping teenagers owning their first car it's insurance.



Luke has been quoted £1,500 for a car worth £300 and that's just for third party fire and theft.

Public Transport isn't much better for those living on the breadline. Take the cost of bus travel for example, when Jody started college it cost her around 60p to travel to and from college the journey was approximately 4-5 miles long. Now that journey costs her £2.80 each way.

Not only does it stop teenagers getting around but it costs them their education, and livelihood.

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