The real risk of hoax calls

Plymouth teenagers have made a film highlighting the dangers of making hoax calls to police. Often frontline officers are diverted from real emergencies.

Police initially asked the University of Plymouth if they could help with the project. Media student Joe Plant took up the role of Director and producer and asked the school if they would like to help.

Students and staff from Saint Boniface school acted, produced, recorded the sound and provided props for the film.

They hope that it will act as a teaching tool across the whole of the UK and not just Plymouth, because it's filmed and shot at a teenager's level that gets across the impact and the seriousness of the film.

Honicknowle neighbourhood beat officer Kate Stanley said: "It's all grown from an acorn of an idea. Joe Plant was studying media and with my ideas he wrote the script, got the equipment and filmed it."

"The idea was to give information to youngsters, warning them about hoax calls."

16 year old Jed was one of the extras:

In January teenager Rhea Bothma admitted making more than 20 hoax calls to police. Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order under the supervision of the probation service.

17-year old Adam was one of the leads:

The film will be shown on social networking sites and there are plans for a screening at the Vue Cinema and a poster campaing will follow. Children at St Boniface have also turned their work into a lesson plan and it's hoped it can be taught at schools around the UK.