Suspected Goods Seized In Plymouth

Sellers of counterfeit and smuggled tobacco are being targeted in Plymouth as part of an on-going clampdown on the illegal trade in the city.

Plymouth City Council's Trading Standards officers executed warrents on 2 properties in the Devonport area. 

It's estimated £25,000 a DAY is spent on illegal tobacco in Plymouth creating a cheap source for adults who would not otherwise be able to afford to smoke. 

Trading Standards Officer Richard Green: Listen HERE

Half of all smokers die from a smoking related illness - Smoking is one of the biggest health problems Plymouth faces and the City Council are determined to do all they can to encourage people in Plymouth to lead a healthy life as possible. 

It has also been proved that Fake fags fund crime and are the bottom end of the criminal chain for many gangs involved in sex trafficking and drug smuggling. 

For more information on the dangers: CLICK HERE 

Detector dogs from specialist providers Wag Tails, which are trained to smell tobacco - either hand rolling or cigarettes - were used. 

Colin Singer from Wag Tail: LiSTEN HERE

A number of suspected packages and items have been taken away for further analysis. 

For information on the Wag Tail: CLICK HERE 

Fake products have been found to contain inferior ingredients, including high levels of contaminants which increase the health risk. 

For example, in the past, fake cigarettes have been found to contain the following: 

  • up to six times the level of lead
  • five times the level of cadmium 
  • three times the level of arsenic found in ordinary cigarettes 
  • rat and mouse droppings
  • dead insects 
  • floor sweepings and dust have aso been found in them 

Consumers do not know what they are buying and so are in severe danger of being 'ripped off'.

For more information about the work of Trading Standards in Plymouth: CLICK HERE

Anyone with information about illegal tobacco can anonymously phone Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111