Tackling street violence in Plymouth

'A few mindless idiots' are spoiling the night time culture of Plymouth, that's the main message from a new social network site that's popped up on Facebook.

People say they're tired of their nights being ruined by the possibility of seeing or getting involved in street violence.

Alex Christaki knows all about Plymouth's night life with his business Smiles on the tiles.

He's one of the main organisers of the facebook group: LISTEN HERE

It's only been going for a week and already has nearly two thousand members who've experienced the good but mainly the bad of the city's weekend nightlife.

Julia Dando has been a photographer for five years - 3 in Plymouth & 2 in Torquay. She's helped make the group and says in the past few years there's been a real change in attitude on the streets.  LISTEN HERE

They list their main reasons for setting up the group as:

  • A group for those who are opposed to violent behaviour of all kinds with a particular focus on Plymouth's clubland and pubs.
  • Please can we hear of ideas from people of ways to combat this issue.
  • Please feel free to express your experiences but refrain from naming people or clubs that put them in a negative light.

They're hoping the group members will come up with their own ideas which will then be implemented by the clubs and police to see if violence can be driven down.

To see the group and their thoughts: GO HERE