Unexploded WW2 bomb made safe

Part of Plymouth city centre was evacuated on Armistice day after builders discovered a Second World War bomb.

The unexploded device was found during demolition work of a site in Notte Street shortly before four o'clock when workmen spotted the partially-buried device while carrying out building works.

Police were called and alerted the Ministry of Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

They attended the site, near to the Holiday Inn, and carried out an assessment of the device, which was thought to be an unexploded wartime device.

Andy Ballantyne reports from the scene

Police evacuating the neighbouring buildings - commercial and residential - creating a 300-metre cordon as a precaution.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: "Members of the public are advised to avoid the area for the time being as significant disruption is likely."

Police said the evacuation of the city centre was ongoing.

The Holiday Inn, Tanner's Restaurant, The Treasury and The Guildhall were some of the commercial properties affected.

Royal Navy bomb disposal experts made the device safe and took it to Millbay docks - On Friday morning the device will be towed out to deep water and exploded.

Residents were allowed back to their properties just before eleven o'clock.


The bomb was lowered to the seabed and marked over night. This morning the team went out to the site and using diver place explosive charges successfully and safely detonated the bomb in a controlled underwater explosion.

The device was detonated in the middle of Cawsand Bay, where a 300m exclusion zone was established and divers placed explosive charges to destroy the bomb.

Lt Cdr Richard Talbot, who was the duty operator in charge of the task, described what he had to do:

"In order to move the item safety, a procedure call Fuze Immunisation was carried out. I drilled into the fuse pocket of the bomb by hand, then inserted a highly concentrated saline solution to de-sensitise the bomb."

Getting ready to blow up old World War 2 bomb